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Online product reviews are a great source of information for consumers and are one of the most searched topics on the web. At Simply Violin, we enjoy reviewing new music products in our quest for excellent new items. We are trusted to test and review new products for internationally established companies such as Manhasset, MIGHTY BRIGHT, Peterson, and Super-Sensitive, all of whom have submitted products to us. Best-in-class and outstanding products receive our Simply Violin Stamp of Approval, affixed to the lead photo in the review.

Further, your review is not published on our site until you have had the chance to read through it and identify errors, misinformation, or copy that might compromise trade secrets. Each company receives a private, password- protected area on our server to preview reviews. Finally, we do not include third-party ads on our site, as we feel this would compromise the integrity of our reviews. Finally, if you submit a product, and, after testing it, we feel that we cannot recommend it, we simply do not publish our review. Although we believe that negative reviews can be useful (and we do have some of them on our site), our primary goal is to identify and promote products we feel are outstanding.
Reviews Editor

Lisa Berman, JD, MM, our technical writing editor, is a graduate of both Yale Law School and the Yale School of Music, and a winner of the the National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Award in Writing.

She ensures that reviews read and look professional. Our reviews do not "borrow" copy from other reviews or from the manufacturer's website. Our copy is original, well-written, comprehensive, well thought out, and fun to read.

We use our own photos for reviews. Most reviews contain 4-6 different photos. We usually prefer to use "candid shots," as research has shown these have greater impact on buying decisions than stock or professional-grade photos.
Product Testers

We assign your product to specialists who have seen and evaluated similar items. Review Team members include: A mechanical engineer, a Violin Dealer with 30 Years of Experience (and Sales Manager at the largest violin shop in our home state of Minnesota), Professional Violinists, Violin Teachers with decades of experience, along with professional viola, cello, and bass players, Orchestra Conductors, a composer, a car mechanic, a jazz guitarist, and an electrical engineer, and a mechanical engineer.
Testing Process

Before testing, we read manuals and instructions cover-to-cover and explore other materials provided by the manufacturer, to gain a better understanding of your product and its capabilities.

Then, we thoroughly test items based on key performance features that, for a given product, are the most important factors that consumers evaluate before choosing a product to purchase.

As an educational website, our first priority is to provide accurate information for consumers. We do not ask to be paid by companies that submit products for review. However, we greatly appreciate a link from your site to ours should your review be published on our site.

You are free to use the review and/or its content as you find useful, either in print or on a website or blog.
Sample Reviews
Product Categories

We focus on products for strings (violin, viola, cello, bass). However, many items that we review (such as software, keyboards, and electronics) are used by a wider audience. Categories include: shoulder rests, strings, rosin, tuners, electric violins and cellos, music stands, stand lights, violins, bows, music software, recording equipment, amps, microphones, instrument cases, mutes, headphones, pickups, metronomes, and other electronics and gear. We do not review music books or sheet music.