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"Sasha [High School Student at Maple Grove] helped me with my rhythm, my technique, my intonation and my theory.  I looked forward to Orchestra days this past summer and I look forward to doing it againl." ---Alec Fisher

Are you a high school student interested in volunteering for our String It Together Mentoring Program?

Please contact Lisa Berman by phone at 612-618-7187 or emaill her at for more information.
Beginning Orchestra Mentorship Program

String It Together 
Means Fun for Beginning Orchestra. Ages 7-12

Play favorite songs, fiddle tunes and classical melodies.
Sit side by side with advanced high school students and teachers.
Rehearsals start June 20, 2011 in Plymouth, MN.

STRING IT TOGETHER is our orchestra for students new (or fairly new) to playing in an orchestra. Such students may be young students in an elementary or middle school orchestra, or they may never have played in an orchestra at all.

The goal of the course is to help students learn to be comfortable with the customs and expectations of playing in a large ensemble. We’ll emphasize listening and reading skills, as well as the concept of ensemble focus: how does one approach and perform music in such a group.
String It Together will run Mondays and Thursdays, 10:00 am - noon, June 20 - July 28. There will be no class on Monday, July 4.

Jeff Whitmill, Director of St. Barnabas Center for the Arts, will conduct the orchestra. SBCA string faculty Lisa Berman, Sheila Graves and Irine Merz will assist, along with high school volunteer mentors. Music used will be excerpted from Ms. Berman’s orchestra book, String It Together.

Recommended for students 7 and above. For younger students, please consult our teachers first.

Learn More or call Sheila Graves at 612-845-2255